Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

A partially online accelerated nursing education is just as demanding as a traditional on-campus format. You are required to complete the same course curriculum within a set timeframe, only you are not tied to a specific classroom schedule or location for your nursing theory courses.

Online courses provide a level of convenience because they can be completed on your schedule. You choose when and where you participate in class. If you are a night owl, for example, you can watch an online demonstration or take a practice quiz at 11 p.m. while sitting on the couch in your pajamas.

Through our partially online accelerated BSN, you complete your nursing theory coursework via an intuitive e-Learning platform that allows you to:

  • Listen to and read coursework material.
  • Participate in simulated learning modules.
  • Complete and/or upload course assignments.
  • Interact with other students via a discussion forum.
  • Join scheduled chat sessions with instructors.
  • Stay organized via the calendar management function.

Our students find that online coursework is just as effective as learning in a traditional classroom. While there is no physical presence with online learning, there is still a high level of virtual interaction and collaboration through our learning management system.

How Online Courses Fit Different Learning Styles


Every student learns differently, making the option for an online learning environment ideal.

Through aural and visual-based activities, our simulated learning modules and discussion forums allow you to participate in several different types of learning activities designed to help you better retain course information. Our multi-media aspect of learning online allows you to actually watch simulations of how long-term hypertension impacts the body – a dynamic experience you simply cannot get from a standard textbook.

Here are some benefits of online courses for your different learning styles:

  • Visual learners will benefit from images and graphic representations of information.
  • Aural learners are able to listen to replay critical portions of their coursework.
  • Tactile learners can benefit from the task-based simulations and 3-D graphics.
  • Social learners are able to interact with others through a discussion forum.

There are several benefits to online learning that go beyond the convenience factor and truly help you get the most out of your nursing education.

Tips for Online Learning

While an online accelerated nursing education affords you a greater level of flexibility, it should be approached with the same dedication and self-discipline as a traditional on-campus program.

To help you successfully navigate our online nursing curriculum, we offer these tips:

  • Connect with your instructors early and often to build rapport and understand expectations.
  • Learn when your instructors have scheduled office hours and prepare accordingly.
  • Find out how quickly you can expect an email response from your instructors.
  • Dedicate routine time blocks to your online coursework so you will stay on track.
  • Leverage your online calendar to manage assignment deadlines, test dates and clinical hours.

Consistency is key to the successful completion of online coursework. You will need to develop a regular routine and find a comfortable, distraction-free location where you can study and stay focused on your education.

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