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Concordia University Portland can help you reach your nursing career goals

How Concordia University Helps You Achieve Your Nursing Career Goals

Changing careers and becoming a nurse is an exciting way to start off the New Year. Especially since registered nurses are in demand due to a retirement wave of current nurses and aging baby boomers in need of more medical care. Before you begin weighing your nursing school options, it’s helpful to set your nursing Read the full article…

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The Best Advice for Nursing Students

If you’ve been wanting to change careers and become a nurse, now is the time. Whether you’re unsure of what to do with your existing college credits or find yourself looking for a more rewarding career as a registered nurse, Concordia University-Portland’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program may be the right path Read the full article…

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How One Student Overcame the Struggle of Getting into Nursing School

Getting into nursing school can seem like a distant goal when you are in the beginning stages of your nursing education. Whether you are still searching for the right nursing program or are in the middle of completing nursing prerequisites, you should know that getting into nursing school takes a lot of work and requires Read the full article…

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How Concordia University-Portland builds self confidence in clinical nursing students

If you’re looking to invest in a nursing program that builds self-confidence in clinical nursing students, you’ve come to the right place. After all, you want your nursing education to prepare you for a successful career, and practicing with confidence is important in today’s booming healthcare industry. Concordia University’s faculty and staff look to develop Read the full article…

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[Infographic] Moving to Portland for Nursing School: 5 Reasons Why it’s the Perfect Destination for Students.

Moving to Portland, Oregon for accelerated nursing school is a great choice for anyone looking for an eccentric, down to earth, charming, and lively environment to call home. But that’s just the beginning. If you are looking to become a nurse, Portland offers you so much more than just great scenery. It offers great opportunities. Read the full article…

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From Military to Civilian: One Nursing Student’s Career Change to Nursing

There are many roads that may lead you to join the healthcare industry. For some, it’s the career you’ve dreamed of since childhood, and for others, it may have been a matter of circumstance. For Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) student Tim Walker, the call for a career change to nursing came to Read the full article…

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Transitioning from Teaching to Nursing

If you’re thinking about transitioning out of the education field, consider a switch to nursing. As all teachers know, succeeding as a teacher requires the right alignment of personal gifts and attributes, from the physical exertion required to teach an engaging class, to the creative problem solving required to maintain order in a rowdy classroom Read the full article…

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Concordia's online classes prepare ABSN students for labs and clinicals

How Your Online Classes Prepare You for Labs and Clinical Rotations

Blog was updated on August 29, 2017. Some students ask about our comprehensive learning model and how it is interwoven with the skills learned in hands-on labs and in-hospital clinical rotations. The online courses are actually the foundation of the three core components of Concordia University – Portland’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Read the full article…

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National Nurses Week: Four Nursing Role Models Who Changed Nursing Forever

Many landmark innovations and inventions in the medical field have been born from the minds of outstanding nurses. In honor of National Nurses Week, we want to highlight the amazing lives and brilliant minds of just a few of medical history’s greatest nursing pioneers. History is chocked with innumerable advances by nurses, all done for Read the full article…

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How the Holistic Care Approach to Nursing Improves Patient Outcomes

Nurses get their education at Concordia University-Portland because they want an education that addresses more than the mechanics of nursing. Knowing how to start an IV is one thing, but it requires much more skill to start an IV on a needle-shy patient and keep them talking so they don’t tense their arm. It takes Read the full article…

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