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How Your Online Classes Prepare You for Labs and Clinical Rotations

Blog was updated on August 29, 2017.

Some students ask about our comprehensive learning model and how it is interwoven with the skills learned in hands-on labs and in-hospital clinical rotations. The online courses are actually the foundation of the three core components of Concordia University – Portland’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program.

Our program requires a lot of on-site simulation lab work and clinical work in the field, and our computer-based portion of the curriculum matches that same level of rigor and quality. We’re not the only big fans; our ABSN students love the freedom they have to review the material as much as they need, with the same quality of information available 24/7/365, and that helps them enter their simulation labs and clinical rotations with the utmost confidence.

Concordia's online classes prepare ABSN students for labs and clinicals

Advantages of an Online-Based Learning Model


Many of our students say their favorite thing about the online coursework is that they can work through the lessons as fast or as slowly as they need to. If they grasp a concept the first time, they can move on to the next one without being stuck waiting for a repetitive lecture to end, and they can spend more time on difficult ones.

That means that when our students get to the “next level” in their simulations and in their clinical work, they will be able to better remember their foundational knowledge and better serve patients. And while your simulation labs will be at a set time, you will be able to immediately review the information in the comfort of your home.


Online coursework frees you from the constraints of lecture-based classes so you can work through your lessons anytime, anywhere as long as you meet your course deadlines and due dates. If you get more done when you’re in a coffee shop, a library, at home, or in the park, you have the freedom to learn there.

The most important part of the process is to work consistently every day on your online courses, as there is no substitute for good habits and consistent reviewing. It also means that the moment your simulation is over, you are free to go back and review the skills you learned on your own time.

Being able to review your materials when and where you want means that you can solidify your knowledge with a review before you forget what you learned.

Having the freedom with the online courses to study when I want to when I have time to do my assignments, watch lectures, PowerPoints, videos. There’s a multi-disciplinary approach for online that’s really helpful. I’m a visual learner. Being able to watch, take my time. It’s nice to press pause and then press play. That’s been really helpful for me.

-Stefanie Hollingworth, ABSN class of 2018


Online Learning: The First Step in a Comprehensive Model

The online curriculum for Concordia’s Accelerated BSN program is designed to help prepare students for skills and simulation labs as well as clinical experience at top healthcare facilities.

“I feel like the online portion, the skills, and the hands on experience – they all really go together really cohesively,” says Stephanie. “Concordia University’s ABSN faculty have worked hard to ensure the subjects that we’re working on each class correlate.”

You are able to study and hear lectures about a subject online, then practice it in labs and ultimately on real patients.

“If we’re doing cardiac here, we’re doing cardiac in labs. Then, in the clinical setting that week, we’ll listen to the heart and valves for symptoms of heart failure,” she says. “Getting that knowledge down and getting that learning down and being able to be exposed to the curriculum over and over in different settings allows us to master it.”

Concordia fit the mission that I wanted. I really wanted evidence based practice. Heart for service and servant leadership. I wanted hands-on learning, clinicals in person. Even though this is an online program, I got the best of all the worlds.

– Stefanie Hollingworth, ABSN class of 2018

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Ultimately, Concordia Portland’s goal is simple: to help intelligent, hardworking students become industry-leading nurses, and our ABSN degree is streamlined to help you do it quickly. We want you to begin your skills and simulation labs and clinicals feeling confident, informed and prepared, and our computer-based courses create the ideal environment to give you all the information you need to feel ready. If you have more questions about any element of Concordia’s ABSN program, contact the enrollment team today.

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